About Ken

Ken portraitI was born in Los Angeles, California, and have lived my entire life in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.  It took me 40 years to escape from L.A., although I have only made it just over the hill from the San Fernando Valley (mostly a part of the City of Los Angeles).  I have been married to my wife Kathy since 1980, and we have 3 wonderful children:  Laurel, Micah, and Emily.   Through Laurel and her husband Gavin, we now have two grandchildren:  Sophia and Logan.

I often say I am a Jack of all trades and Master of Geology, a way of saying I have knowledge and skill in many subjects. My father and both my grandfathers grew up on farms, where, in addition to knowing about plants or animals, you must be mechanic, carpenter, plumber, electrician and everything else that is needed to keep things going. And, you learn to make do with what you have on hand. So, I learned all these things too. By third grade, I knew I wanted to be a scientist and read about everything scientific. By fourth grade, I was also interested in architecture and began designing houses. At age ten I subscribed to Popular Science; at eleven I added National Geographic. Through these, and other publications, I became interested in alternative energy in the mid 1960’s, and have kept up with the evolving technologies for the past 50 years. However, because of the necessity of narrowing my focus for college and graduate studies, and my fascination with the new discoveries in global tectonics, I chose Geology and Geophysics. Thus, the moniker: Master of Geology.

My career has primarily involved study of and regulation of oil and gas resources, however, as indicated above, I have a longer history studying alternative energy technologies, efficient building technologies, efficient motive technologies, and particularly the advantages of distributed energy development. I am also interested in possible advantages of distributed business development, both as a way to revitalize the often stagnating economies of small towns, and to enhance the lives of people who would rather escape the big cities.

I always strive for safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In my career, I have always been sought after to identify problems and come up with innovative solutions. I have carried these interests over in my involvement in my local community, and the larger global community. I hope to influence public policy as it pertains to these and other issues.


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