Other Interests

I have a great interest in conservation of resources.  To me, this includes pursuing alternative energy sources, but also efficient use of our resources.  When that involves motorized transport, I am also interested in safety.  So you will be seeing postings about all of these issues, along with the politics that get in the way, on this website.

I am interested in more things than I have time to pursue.  But I will probably write about things I learn about history and science and education in America in these pages as well.  When Andy Rooney left 60 Minutes not long before he died, I said “I want that gig.”  Well, that is certainly not likely to happen, but I expect to write about topics that strike my interest from time to time.  It may just prove to be a voice in the dark, but I hope that what I write will have a positive influence on some people, some of the time.

I also am interested and involved in my community, here in the southeast corner of Simi Valley, just outside the city limits.  I will occasionally post commentaries on what I think is right or wrong in local government, and suggested solutions.